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Pico 8 fanzine #2

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This is the Second PICO-8 ZINE!

Enter the marvelous world of PICO-8 !

PICO-8 is a fantasy console to make, share and play tiny games and other computer programs.

PICO-8 Zine is a 48-page fanzine made by and for PICO-8 users.

Learn how to make a game (from the code, sprite, music point of view) and discover the history of PICO-8.

Articles and authors :
- Illustration by @lucyamorris
- Game of life (cellular automata) by @dan_sanderson
- A 3d demo by @NoahRosamilia
- Shrinking your code by @jonstoler
- How to create a painting tool by @oinariman
- Wave distortion effect by @mattfox12
- How to do your first state machine by @richterteer
- A screensaver by @neauoire
- Color palettes by @gabdar

and the cover has been done by @johanvinet

For more information: www.pico-8.com

contact: @arnaud_debock